Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Wedding Videography

Q: How many years has your company done wedding videography?
A: 20 years +

Q: What type of equipment do you use?
A: The latest digital 3 chip digital cameras, wireless mics and editing systems

Q: How do you get good sound during the ceremony?
A: We usually place a wireless mic on the groomâ™s lapel so it picks up the bride and priest/minister/rabbi as well.

Q: What video format do you use (VHS, Super VHS, Mini/DV, Blu-Ray)?
A: All of these but mostly DVDâ™s and Blu-Ray Discs are requested.

Q: Do you bring backup wedding video equipment with you?
A: Yes

Q: When will I receive the final edited wedding DVD product?
A: Usually 30 days after the event unless requested otherwise.

Q: Cost of the desired wedding videography package: What does it include?
A: Shoot pre-wedding scenes, ceremony, reception and the cake cutting unless requested otherwise.

Q: Can you make a video photo montage? If so, what is your price?
A: Yes. It depends on how many photos. Editing rates are $70.00 per hour

Q: Can you provide extra wedding DVD copies of the finished wedding?
A: Yes. We can provide up to 6 copies. If more copies are needed, we can arrange it by a 3rd party duplicating service.

Q: What is your payment policy for wedding videography?
A: $500.00 Deposit due at least 1 month prior to the wedding. A 2nd.payment at the wedding then the full balance would be due for DVD shipment.

Q: Do you have your own liability insurance to provide to the banquet hall?_______________________ A: Yes, we can provide a certificate of insurance by request.

Q: Do you use only available natural light?
A: Yes, unless requested otherwise.

Q: If the reception area where toasts are given is dark, can you provide a soft light?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you have our guests give brief on-camera greetings if they would like to?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer High Definition Videography as well as Standard Definition?
A: Yes, the final format delivered to you would be a Blu-Ray Disc.

Q: Can you make the wedding DVD play to fit my widescreen TV (16 x 9)?
A: Yes, if requested in advance.

Q: Do you supply a contract for your wedding videography services we decide on?
A: Yes, then you return a signed copy with the deposit.

Q: Where do you film from during the ceremony?
A: Usually from an isle seat to get the entrance and exit without being obtrusive to guests.

Q: Do you offer additional un-manned video cameras for reverse angles?
A: Yes, they provide a great angle when the couple is facing the altar.

Q: Will the wedding DVD have a menu with chapters?
A: Yes, they are usually labeled: Highlights, Pre-Wedding Scenes, Ceremony and Reception.

Q: If we have questions that are not listed here can we contact you directly?
A: Yes. Contact us at: or 917.273.7453


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